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Claire Wirth is a Christian, America-First Republican; the daughter of two Navy Hospital Corpsman, a mother of four children and in the process of adopting from the KY foster care system, a Sunday school teacher, real estate investment professional, and a philanthropist supporting the foster/kinship communities of Kentucky.

Claire is the successful owner of an investment real estate company with both residential and commercial properties, some of which are in opportunity zones in Kentucky. She enjoys renovating underutilized commercial properties, especially adaptive reuse projects, to reenergize and reinvest in our local communities. Claire has helped many first-time homebuyers achieve the American dream of owning their home through purchasing, renovating, and offering a lease-to-own for buyers having difficulty qualifying.


Claire aims to protect our Constitution from far-left ideals of socialism, and the dismantling of the moral integrity our great country was built upon. We have seen the radical liberal agenda become unhinged in recent years affecting issues beyond just local politics such as:

  • Economy – Record unemployment despite record job openings, significant inflation is being seen, especially commodities as we have increased the monetary supply by 30% over the last year.

  • Violent Crime – Liberals have embraced lawlessness and a disdain for police leading to a significant increase in violent crime. We have seen our communities boarded up from violent riots throughout our nation as Democrats push divisive identity politics.

  • Supreme Court – our equal but separate branches of government are being threatened after 152+ years of precedent. The radical notion of packing the court (adding additional justices) was something even President Biden called a horrible idea that would tear at the fabric of our Republic.

  • Gun Policy – Our basic Second Amendment liberties, enumerated in the Bill of Rights, is once again under attack through crushing and excessive regulation. Biden seeks to arbitrarily bring back the assault weapons ban. We must deny further infringement.  

  • Immigration – The Biden administration has spent over $3 Billion in just a few months (February 2021 to April 2021) on relocating the 180,000 illegal immigrants detained per month. Illegal immigration costs America over $132 Billion per year and projected to cost as much as $200 Billion by 2030.

  • Foreign Policy – China is the greatest threat to the American way of life. They withheld information about the coronavirus which ultimately led many Americans to their death. China continues to steal our technology and take advantage of our trade policies.

  • Education – Children are being taught ‘Critical Race Theory’ in our schools which has radical and divisive content. The formative years of children should Not be used to paint bias and suspicion of fellow classmates, we must unite as Americans to face modern challenges.

Reason For Running

When the COVID pandemic hit hard in early 2020 and local stores were stripped of essential goods, including baby formula, Claire Wirth was contacted by her foster child’s social worker inquiring if formula, baby food, and other supplies were available at the non-profit foster center where Claire volunteers.

Upon hearing the desperation of much-needed supplies, Claire jumped at the opportunity to serve our community. With five kids in tow, despite the torrential downpour that day, Claire was determined to help feed Kentucky’s most vulnerable families. Upon delivering a truck full of goods, the stories of heartache and fear of citizens trying to feed their families emboldened Claire. Wanting to serve the community and country better should be of the utmost importance at such a tremendously chaotic time in our nation.

While all this heartache was occurring, the current representative of our 4th Congressional District, Thomas Massie, decided to force a recorded vote to grandstand his "No" vote on a stimulus package crafted by President Donald Trump to aid Americans.

In the middle of a pandemic when the government denied citizens the right to work – removing the ability to provide a livelihood for their families – Thomas Massie rendered no aid to his constituents.

Trump commented on Massie’s “No” stance by stating:  "Looks like a third rate Grandstander named @RepThomasMassie, a Congressman from, unfortunately, a truly GREAT state, Kentucky, wants to vote against the new Save Our Workers Bill in Congress,"- Donald J Trump.

This “let them eat cake” mentality, guaranteeing the suffering of so many families is just one of many swipes Thomas Massie took at our district throughout his time as Congressman. Continually jabbing his own constituents in 16 counties and 4 counties partially represented, left Trump with some powerful words that I agree with in saying “Massie should be thrown out of the GOP.”

Claire aims to serve the 4th Congressional District wholeheartedly, with a devoutly conservative approach to better serve the needs of the people in Kentucky, and to provide proper representation of our great district in Washington D.C. 

Claire prides herself on being accessible and welcomes discussing any issues important to the constituents of the 4th District.  Please reach out at (502) 208-8558 or email Claire@District4KY.com

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